The future of tablets…



People buy tablets for a great number of different reasons.


One of the tops reasons is that you can actually touch and physically interact with a tablet’s screen. Who doesn’t like a good interaction? It makes everything seem more real and intense, for example, imagine playing Fruit Ninja on an old Gameboy or PlayStation, it’s not as good right? Thought not.


Another reason is because they are so easily portable – you may not be able to fit a big old PC in your handbag but you can definitely fit your tablet in ? You can be as productive as possible or procrastinate whilst on the go, (as long as your tablet is all charged up of course).


Finally, the last big reason is because their price point is low, low, low by comparison to other laptops; especially our It Tablets starting from just £44. Who wants to fork out a fortune when you can have a little gem at a fraction of the cost?


Furthermore, tablets are fast becoming more and more specialised. There’s tablets for kids (like our ittle tablet) and specialised gaming accessories for tablets. There’s also media/design tablets and software’s that have extremely large amounts of pixels and resolution.


Laptop – tablet hybrids are also on the rise.

A keyboard plug-in has now become almost essential for tablets that are used for business. This is why we’ve always had a USB Port to allow this. Tablets are ace for businesses as they can be used as a portable productivity portal when travelling from meeting to meeting.


Tablets are infinite notepads, it’s perfect for doing handwritten notes. In effect, it’s a never-ending mess-free notepad that prevents and saves so much paper being wasted.


What would you like to see in the future on your Android Tablet?

It Tablet Competition Winner April 2016

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win one of our fabulous android tablets…

We are very pleased to announce that the winner is @pops0701155

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Sky Go & It Tablet



We’re delighted to have recently bought Sky Go to our 10.1″ Ips model tablet! We’re proud to say that we’re currently the only affordable tablet brand in the UK!


Sky Go is the online television service provided by Sky which begun in January 2006 which allows users to watch Sky’s live and On Demand content on a variety of devices including mobile phones, Mac computers and now even on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.


Sky Go is available on up to 2 devices for free for all Sky customers, however, it is possible to have up to 4 devices and have the ability to access Sky Go offline by purchasing Sky Go Extra for a monthly fee. The service is also accessible for non-Sky customers by paying on a pay-as-you-watch basis.


Currently, only major brands such as Apple and Android have the ability to stream Sky Go on tablet devices. Despite being launched 10 years ago, the service was only made accessible on tablet devices in 2011 where Apple’s iPad and selected Android tablets were able to use it. Since then, it has become more widely available on more Android tablets as well on the different editions of the iPad. Therefore, we’re really excited to be striving to bring the latest technology developments for the fraction of the cost.

it Tablet Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win one of our fabulous android tablets…

We are very pleased to announce that the winner is @JodiLou07 

You can see the competition being drawn below on YouTube.

Jodi if you could send us your home address via DM on twitter, we can get your android tablet sent to you as quickly as possible.


it Tablet in the Media

itTablet in the media
The sleek, affordable It Tablet

it Tablet’s recent surge in popularity is unsurprising. Their incredible range of tablets offer affordability, style and cutting-edge android technology; successfully competing with big name android brands and of course Apple.

In today’s increasingly fast paced world, more and more people are wanting a portable, light-weight device that will allow them to have instant access to wifi, apps, music, TV etc. whether they’re at home, in the office or on the go. The problem with the majority of these devices is that they are expensive. That’s why it Tablet have released a range of tablets that have the same android technology as the bigger and more expensive brands, but to set them apart from the saturated market, their tablets offer affordability without skimping on quality.

The popular TV channel MADE in Leeds recently picked up on the success of it Tablet, and asked if they could film a news story to find out about their fantastic product and why it had flourished into such a success! Jeremy Smith, the managing director of it Tablet, told viewers that it is a myth that technology has to be expensive and his device is proof of that. Their products truly cater to the masses and tablets are no longer out of your price range.

To have a fantastic product in an evolving industry makes it a very exciting time for the it Tablet team and there is no doubt that they will continue to improve their product whilst keeping up to date with the latest android technology.

it Tablet have not just been on the television, there was also an article published this February in the Yorkshire Evening Post. The article was more of a look into their busy family life than their business success! Juggling three children and a successful online business makes life very busy for Nova Smith, who is managing director of two companies alongside her husband Jeremy. Nova talks about her happy family life, but also eludes to the stress of coping with their booming business and energetic children. A wonderful aspect of the it Tablet is that is was created by a husband and wife team who are passionate about creating a product that will give everyone access to technology. It is truly inspiring that a couple who are busy enough with their family are able to produce consistently fabulous products.

Most recently, it Tablet were once again approached by MADE in Leeds. It Tablet, the sister business of it Tablet, released an advert with the TV channel. The sleek looking, high-tech device, is shown in all it’s glory and will tempt even the most avid technophobe to purchase one of their fabulous tablets!

it Tablet have now been featured in the Telegraph. The article talks of the incredible success of Nova and Jeremy and how they have made a small fortune from home (£3m sales last year!) It emphasises their impressive business acumen and their ability to adapt to an already saturated market.

There is no question that portable tablets are the future. With a recent UN study showing that more people have mobile phones than toilets, there is clearly a need for portable devices that are capable of providing instant access to thousands of features.


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Raise brand awareness with an Android Tablet

The practicality and versatility of the “it” tablet makes it a fantastic product to promote your business. This impressive device can be given as a gift to your loyal customers and will allow them to surf the web, play games, explore thousands of apps and watch TV all in the palm of their hand. With all these features, you may be thinking that this product is an expensive gift; fortunately this is not the case as the bestselling tablet is a very affordable £49.00! Your customers will be receiving a high quality product without much expense for you.



The “it” tablet also makes a fantastic prize! Creating a competition for your customers is a great way to draw attention to your business. By first making it a requirement to follow you on twitter and give you a quick retweet before they can enter the competition, your company will instantly gain new potential customers and raise your brand awareness as these competitions generally go viral. People who are following your page will receive regular updates about you and a simple retweet means your company will potentially be visible to millions across the twitter-sphere!

Do you own a business that requires your customers to occasionally be left waiting around? With the brilliant “it” android tablet this will no longer be a problem, instead of a few magazines why not give your customers or patients the option to watch TV, listen to music or even amuse themselves on a game while they wait. The ”it” android tablet acts as a great distraction and gives your business a modern edge whilst leaving a good impression on new and old customers.

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Latest Android tablet for 2015



We recently came across the exciting new Android tablet “it’” which was just launched November 2014. The it Tablet team were so impressed, we enquired immediately to be one of the UK selling agents. The new tablet looks the business and ticks all the right boxes and I’m sure the creative brand are going to be up there with the leading Android tablet brands in no time at all.

The masses of features that you can stumble upon whilst using the “it” tablet makes it a wonderfully versatile device, capable of being utilised in almost any home or workplace environment. Having a tablet like this in your workplace could hugely benefit you and your work style due to the speed and efficiency of an “it” tablet. It also helps that they’re extremely affordable, starting at £49 for a 7” dual-core model and ranging to £89 for a 10” quad-core model.

The tablets run on the Android KITKAT 4.4 operating system, meaning the list of things you can do becomes even more extensive! So, let’s take a look at the key features of an “it” tablet (10” model):

  • Quad-core 1.5 GHZ processor – Speed certainly won’t be a problem you face with this tablet.
  • 16GB storage and 1GB RAM with an integrated 32GB SD Card Slot – Meaning you can store masses of different files and file types on the device.
  • “it” has Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI connectivity and is also 3G compatible – This maximises your sharing/online capability.
  • 10” High Definition display, making gaming, watching films, or pretty much anything crystal clear and beautifully sharp.
  • “it” also features a camera at the front and back of the tablet, making it easy for you to capture the moment whenever you want.
  • Multiple colours – To make it that bit more personal.

As mentioned before, this tablet is extremely versatile and can be used for almost anything…

Due to the Android capabilities, you have the ability to choose from over a million apps, so gamers will be more than satisfied. For the photographers who love capturing the moment, the high-quality camera, combined with the HD display makes for crisp and defined photos. You can also download heaps of music or literature, if that’s more for you. The screen is even made from durable gorilla-glass, preventing any breakages.

To anyone who is searching for a tablet, we highly recommend the “it” tablet due to the adaptability and affordable price of the device. What more could you ask for?

Since we started stocking the new “it” Android tablets, they are already flying off the shelves. With Christmas just around the corner, they make the perfect gift for loved ones and are awesome stocking fillers.

Click here for more details, features or to purchase the “it” tablet:

New Software – Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Most of our tablets are now available with the latest Android Software, such as the newest update Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

So what new features can you expect from this cutting edge software?

  • improved usability for the consumer
  • a more fluid and easy-to-use interface with a transparent status bar 
  • faster performance
  • improved security
  • voice command
  • immersive mode – hides everything but the application you want to see, great for reading e-books
  • faster multi-tasking
  • improved application synchronisation

Affordable tablets with leading technology – Buy now from it Tablet


it Tablets for Kids

Are your children always asking to have a go on your expensive tablet? You may decide to buy them one of their own and there are some fantastic affordable, child-friendly tablet options on the market that will tick all the boxes.

Advantages to buying your kids their own special tablet are numerous. Firstly, giving them their own will keep your precious tablet a little safer! Many of the kid’s tablets available are specially designed and built to withstand the bumps and falls that are unavoidable with small children. They are also often lighter and smaller so they are more ergonomic for small hands to hold. However this added durability doesn’t affect the price and many of the child-friendly tablets on the market can be bought at a fraction of the price of models such as the iPad and Kindle.

Having their own tablet means your kids can have their own child-friendly content separate from yours. There is a vast range of easy to use educational apps to download to boost learning and development and often a selection come ready for you to use for free with the tablet. It is likely you will have already observed the enjoyment and hours of fun kids can get out of a tablet, there is much to do including playing games, watching movies, learning and reading and practising using their first camera.

Here at it Tablet, we have a great range of child-friendly tablets that are great value for money. Starting from £33.99, and available in attractive colours, our 7” Micro tablets are great gifts that will give you more time to use your own tablet or perhaps inspire you to buy your own!


Supporting PhysCap Children’s Charity

it Tablet are proud to be supporting PhysCap Children’s Charity based in Yorkshire who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children suffering from severe physical and mental disabilities. The local charity have found the Android Tablets to be a huge success with the children.PhysCap-300x147