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With a choice of screens to suit everybody, our quad-core tablets are crystal clear no matter which size you choose.

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Welcome To it Tablet

Looking for a high-quality Android tablet? Here at it Tablet, we design and supply cutting-edge tablet computers at affordable prices, our range includes:

  • 7"      quad -core IPS 
  • 7"      quad core ittle for kids
  • 10”    quad-core model
  • 10"    quad-core IPS

All of our tablets incorporate the very latest technology too, which means that you can rely on them to provide consistently excellent performance, irrespective of whether you’re browsing the web, watching films or playing games.

Our 10" tablets are even compatible with SKY-GO which is mainly only available on the big brand tablet PC s such as Apple Ipad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We are very proud of what we have developed and acheived over the years although we don't profess to be inovators we are very fast followers of the latest technology.

If you have any questions or need any information regarding our products we have a dedicated team ready to assist you in your purchase of one of our next generation "it" tablet pc's. 

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